Daily Prayer February 15, 2024

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Lenten Daily Prayer

by Amy Pointer

February 15, 2024


Dear Lord,

         Be with the ones who try to fit into their communities and don't succeed. Comfort those who give their best effort to help, be kind, have patience, and to be Christ like to all, but who still get ostracized, talked about, or hurt by others.

         Shield their hearts from hurtful looks, from painful words, and from negativity. Let the world see their light and let it brighten the lives of people whom they encounter. Don't let them become discouraged. Help them not give up in their pursuit of doing what is right and good even when they don't receive the same compassion and love in return. 

         And when they stumble and fall, when they lose their patience, when they can't control their tongue at the injustices hurled against them, forgive them. Forgive them when they realize that they are human and that they can't be perfect like you, and don't let them lose their will to keep trying anyway in this difficult world to achieve sainthood. Give them grace, heal their broken hearts as they realize their shortcomings, and restore to them the light that shines from their soul.






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