The Girl on the Grave

September 20, 2021  •  1 Comment

Every fall I do a photography series with the kids where we shoot and edit something spooky. Usually I have some random theme in my head or I find inspiration from something I've seen in the store or a costume I've discovered in the back of one of my mothers closets. 

This year I wanted to do something cohesive, and I settled on the theme: "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark". It was one of my favorite books as a kid. I didn't own a copy, but my friend did, and I read it every time I was at her house and spooked myself to the point I couldn't sleep. 

We've been reading it during our homeschool time this fall, and the kids have been illustrating the stories. I thought turning each story into a picture of them with my own twist could be a good idea.

This is the first in the series.

The Girl on the Grave is a story about a girl who was dared to stay in a graveyard at night, and as proof of her stay she is instructed to leave a dagger in the ground at a grave. Spoiler alert, it doesn't end well. If you'd like to read it yourself, grab a copy of the full anthology HERE

I had a lot of fun with it in photoshop, and I think I'll edit a few more. Eliot's acting was on point, though it took a bit to turn her terror into actual acting. She looks like she's laughing in the first few shots, but she got the hang of it. lol 

We were very respectful of the cemetery. We didn't stand on any graves, and instead opted to give the illusion we were nearer to them by shooting uphill.

Enjoy, and leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite spooky story. 

The Girl on The Grave 2021The Girl on The Grave 2021


I still read this book when I go home!
Your work is perfection!
Proud of you!!!!!!!!!
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