Bad Poetry Series: Sons of Carmen at Midnight

January 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Hello my dear poets! Tonight's installment was written in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up and had a hard time falling back to sleep, so naturally I went to TikTok and scrolled for a while. I ended up down a path of spooky videos that had me on edge and jumpy and raised my anxiety. Of course it didn't help me fall back to sleep what so ever, so I figured after I almost jumped out of my skin when a shadow crossed my window I would channel all that fear into a poem. The first draft wasn't that bad, so I finessed it a bit this evening. I think it might be one of my favorites so far!

So, enjoy "Sons of Carman at Midnight". Don't forget to drop a link in the comment section to your poetry! Write something spooky!

Sons of Carmen at Midnight

Ames Pointer

Sleep evades me.
Cold air,
directly into my face
but my body runs hot.
Too scared of demons,
and monsters,
and ghosts,
to uncover.
What is on my mind?
Replayed scenes from a movie I've lived,
so the heroine gets out
before the bad stuff happens.
I daydream at night
of good things:
Only for my thoughts to be hijacked
and terrorized
into tales
of Dub,
and Dother,
and Dain.
Things that feel real to me
in that moment,
even if they aren’t.
Shadows scare me
outside of my window
What is looking in on me?
When the thing I should fear the most
is in my mind
and I can’t escape it,
but I’m used to it,
because it’s been there my whole life.
Anxiety tells me bad things are coming.
My ego tells me I'm not good enough.
Echoes scream I'm the problem.
Never ending cycles brought on by
a moment
a thought
a feeling that reminds me of a time
when I had no control
in whatever fashion.
But, thankfully,
they aren’t often, anymore.
Just usually when the moon is full,
or new.
Contrasting shades of dark and light
mirror my emotions
and exhaust me, periodically.
For now, I wait for sleep
until I'm heavy with fatigue
and hope my dreams are blank



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