Hello! I’m Ames Pointer. (You can call me Amy.) As an author, I enjoy exploring many different genres, but as a reader, I love a good thriller, horror, fantasy, or self-help book. Books on various religions and spiritualities line my shelves, and I hope that my exploration of philosophy comes through in my writing, not necessarily from a set perspective, but one that any reader could enjoy regardless of their religious beliefs. 

 I would love for you to join me on this storytelling journey as we delve into new worlds, weave fairy tales into new narratives, embark on thought-provoking introspection, and explore the sometimes difficult world of our own mind. Together, let's weave stories that ignite minds, nourish souls, and celebrate the remarkable diversity of human experiences.


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Katie Thorne's life changed in an instant when a single prayer was answered. She was transported backwards in time by the archangel Raphael to heal the mother of all wounds. Now, Katie must learn to give and receive love from four women named Mary, all while exploring the mythical roles of Jesus and the women who loved him. As Katie embarks on her journey, she will discover secrets that will change her life forever. 

If you enjoyed the time-traveling adventure of Outlander, you'll love The Weeping Key. This thought-provoking novel will transport you to a time of miracles and mystery.





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Orphan, widow, and recovering alcoholic Lyla McGovern is at odds with everything out of her control: from God all the way down to her friends.

When her twin sons stumble upon Beau Kellen, their new (and only) neighbor ‘out in the middle of nowhere’, Lyla is furious to find herself landlocked by her high school boyfriend and at odds with his increasing romantic advances.

As their relationship grows, Lyla must face the troubles she’s tried to avoid: her grief for her husband, her long simmering feud with her best friend, and her longing for a connection to the Almighty.

When another catastrophe lands in Lyla’s life, will she continue to find fault in her maker, or come to terms with the things she can’t control?

Inspired by the Book of Job and Steel Magnolias “The Faultfinder and The Almighty” is the first volume in The Cypress Creek Anthology.


Previously Published under the title “Without Dreams” in 2012. This second edition has been expanded and remastered.