Amy Pointer, known as 'Ames Pointer' for search engine purposes, is an author and photographer located in Hopkins County, Kentucky. She has been crafting stories visually and with words her entire life. 

She was the recipient of the Glema Mahr Center for the Arts Anne P. Baker Beauty of People Merit Award for her photo 'Dark Princess' in 2019; and the Ruth and Sue Salmon Merit Award for her portrait 'The Pout', also in 2019. 

Her work has been featured on the cover of the book, 'Hatched: How Nine Little Chicks Cracked My Shell' by Sharon Wallen. 

Amy is a homeschooling mother to three children. As her children age, she will take on more sessions, but her services are more limited now. For a customized session catered to your needs, contact her using the methods below for pricing and availability. 

To contact Amy with questions regarding her books, photography sessions or art:

Email- [email protected]

Phone- (254)247-5813 (call/text)

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